What do I wear for class?

  • Pole Classes - Always wear short, form-fitted shorts which expose the tops and insides of your thighs. You can wear a sports bra, a sleeveless shirt, and layers on top. Please do not wear loose clothing, hand or wrist jewelry as they will either cause distractions or scratch the pole. Please do not apply any lotions or cream on your legs, arms, or hands on the day of the class as they will make your body slippery and prevent you from gripping the pole properly. Stilettos are not allowed in Pole 1 classes but are encouraged in all other pole classes. Bare feet are always a good option and ballet slippers are also allowed. Socked feet are usually too slippery for pole classes. Knee pads are also encouraged.

Dance, Fitness, and Stretching Classes - You may wear form-fitted shorts or leggings and layers on top for all dance, fitness, and stretching classes. Bare feet and knee pads are encouraged for Twerk and Burlesque classes. High heels designed for dancing are optional for the Heels Choreography class, and clean sneakers are recommended for the Hip Hop Dance class. Dressing in layers to stay warm is highly recommended for stretching classes.