Group Classes

Group Classes are drop-in classes offered throughout the week. See our schedule on MindBody or the Brass Ovaries App for exact times and descriptions.

Pole Dance

About our Pole Level Program

Our Level Program includes a curriculum of moves within 6 "color" routines that changes every 2 weeks to help our students practice and progress safely. We encourage students to move through the class levels at their own pace.

All students can move to the next level by requesting a Level Assessment with an instructor, and a list of required moves to pass the level can be provided before the Level Assessment. While it is not a requirement to have attended all "color" routines, the student must be able to perform these moves comfortably and confidently in order to pass. After moving up a level, students are still welcome to review lower levels.

If you already have prior experience, please contact us at 512-477-7653 so we can determine the best level for you.

Pole 1

This is for students that are new to pole. Learn basic pole fundamentals including proper grip, balance, and control, all while building strength! We’ll focus on walking around the pole, basic spins, and floor work. Make sure to wear shorts because we’ll be covering sitting and climbing on the pole too! No prior experience is required.

Pole 2

Now that climbing and sitting are familiar, let’s learn some new spins and climbs! We'll start moving up, down, and all around the pole with new moves and transitions. We will also start building strength and prepare you for your first inversion!

Pole 3

You are now ready to turn everything upside-down! We will improve inversions, learn leg hangs and one-handed spins, and learn more about spinning poles. Be ready to put your newfound tricks and transitions into beautiful combos.

Pole 4

Now that you've been hanging upside down for awhile, let's get ready for some new challenges! We'll be working on more complex pole combinations and static rotations, drops, tumbles, and introductions to handsprings.

Pole 5

Having built a solid foundation of pole work, this is now the opportunity to learn moves found on Pole Sport & Arts World Federation Code of Points, experiment with new pole transitions, and try to recreate those inventive and crazy tricks we see polebrities post on social media. Entering this level is by lead instructor invite only.

Pole Happy Hour

Happy Hour is a time for you to come in to the studio to practice and improve on what you’ve learned in class, train for a performance or competition piece, or connect with others at Happy Hour for pole support. An instructor will provide a guided warm up and cool down as well as spot you or answer any questions you may have. However, this is not a structured class, so no new material will be presented. This is your time, so come in prepared with what you want to work on.

Pole Church

Come worship at your favorite house of pole every Sunday morning, where we'll come together to nurture our inner deities. Each class will begin with a focused freestyle warm-up, followed by learning 30-45 seconds of pole choreo or flow, and we'll end each class with a meditative movement exercise to cool down and center ourselves for the week ahead. A balanced blend of dance, pole, and mindfulness: everything a religious poler needs to feed their wild soul. All Sinners, Saints, and Agnostics are welcome!

Pole Therapy

So many of our experiences in life disconnect us from our bodies, and this class is designed to help you reconnect. Through the exploration of movement, breath, and the senses, we'll work together towards building safety in and connection to our bodies. Knee pads and socks are highly encouraged. It is an all-levels class, and no pole experience is needed.

Thick, Fine, and Divine

You are confidently thick. Fine. And yassss honey, divine. Pole is calling for you, too! Let's use our hips, thighs, and other ass(sets) to our advantage while learning the fundamentals of pole dance. If you've been hesitant to give pole dance a try, because of lingering physical doubts...Here is the sign you've been looking for. Come on over, or bring a friend or two! We're thick, We're fine, AND divine over here. All We're waiting for is you! 🍑

Afternoon Delight

Need an afternoon pick-me-up? Come shake off those Monday blues with this lunchtime pole flow. We'll work the base and get a little sexy in the middle of the day! This class is perfect for beginner polers and those that want to improve their flow and floorwork. Socks and knee pads are highly recommended! This is an all-levels class. However, we recommend you have taken at least 5 pole classes before signing up.

Pole Flow Basics

Do you draw a blank when your instructor puts on the sexy lights and it's time to dance? Have you mastered all the moves, but struggled to put them together? This is the class for you! In this class, we will work on the basics of creating beautiful pole flow: transitions, extension, basic dance moves on and off the pole, and what to do with your hands, feet, and head! Each week we'll drill down on 2 or 3 specific skills that will help you improve your flow. Everything will be dancey, from the warm-up to the drilling to the cool down, you'll be working on finding your own unique expression in your movement! Come tap into that magnificent dancing goddess/god/enby deity inside you that we all know is dying to break out!! This is an all-levels class. However, we recommend you have taken at least 5 pole classes before signing up.

Pole Wish List

This class is a “choose your own adventure” where you get to work on your personal pole wishes. We know you have your own pole goals and are always looking at new tricks or are plagued by a nemesis move. This mixed-level class will start with a general warm-up before focusing on individual wishes. The class may also be split up based on skill level. Expect a technical breakdown of each move that will give you a better understanding of the movement’s theory, the technique needed, and how to best execute along with the challenge of learning to be comfortable in the move. Heelwork can also be part of your wish list too! Bring them or don’t. It’s up to you! Students must pass a Pole 1 Level Assessment in order to enroll.

Powerhouse Pole

Guaranteed to be a challenging but rewarding class built on repetition, strength training, and conditioning to take you to the next level. Focus is on consistency in technique and proper body and hand positioning on the pole in order to gain the strength and awareness to start executing moves cleanly and more effortlessly. Let's build you up to be the powerhouse poler you are meant to be. Start seeing faster pole gains by coming to this class! Students must pass a Pole 1 Level Assessment in order to enroll.

Trick and Flow

This class is meant to help intermediate and advanced polers learn how to incorporate their tricks into their pole flow. You bring the tricks, we teach the flow. We recommend you have taken at least 5 Pole 2 classes before signing up.

Heels Technique

This class will start with basic ankle conditioning and foundational heel movement exercises. We'll then focus on different heelwork flows and how to create efficient, different, and intentional aesthetics and lines desired. Flow sequences may include pirouettes, edge work, traces and threads, glides, floor work, and heel clacks. 7"-8" pole-specific heels are required, and knee pads are strongly recommended. This is an all-level class. However, students must be able to maintain upright holds and know basic hand positions and spins, so we recommend you have taken at least 5 pole classes before signing up.

Sexy Flow

This class teaches seductive choreography with sexy floor work and flowing dance moves on and around the pole. Express your feminine side and build your confidence moving around in your baddest stripper pumps! Bring your heels, knee pads, leg warmers, and knee-high socks. This is an all-levels class. However, we recommend you have taken at least 5 pole classes before signing up.

Cardio Heels

Designed to help you feel more comfortable & confident in the art of pole flow all while you sweat! In this class, you will find body awareness, proper control, and learn some important tips to keep your body safe all while feeling sexy! Knee Pad and Platform Heels (Platform Boots/Closed Toe Preferred) are required. Students must pass a Pole 1 Level Assessment in order to enroll.

Flexibility & Conditioning

Back Bends and Heart Openers

This class is about back and shoulder flexibility. Focus on proper alignment, engagement, and activating the muscle groups for effective back bending. Explore flexibility and mobility, and work on ways to open, strengthen, and stabilize the shoulders, spine, and hips. Some juicy yoga woo will be incorporated at the beginning and end of every class. This class is for all levels. Beginners are welcome. It is recommended that you have a strap, yoga blocks, and a yoga mat.

Splitties for Stiffies (Front and Middle Splits)

Do you admire a well-timed front split and think, "I want to do THAT?" Consistency, patience, and determination are the name of the game when training for that desired spready! Core strength, control, and endurance combined with correct muscle activation (and breath!) are key--and that will be our focus. Come hydrated, be body curious, and be ready to work. Let's start cracking those hips!

Move it, Roll it, Stretch it

We'd pole 24/7 if we could, but we all know that isn't the best thing for your body. We know cross-training with cardio, strength, and flexibility is a great way for your pole body to maintain balance, find improvement, and even prevent injury, and we also know to give our body some R&R so it can recover between our workouts. If any of that speaks to you, then this class has all of it! We’ll start with some quick endurance cardio HIIT or circuit training to get our heart rate up and follow it with a short full-body strength training session using bodyweight resistance and strength exercises. Once our bodies are warm and pliable, we’ll get rolling! We'll foam roll, lacrosse ball, or peanut to help release our tense muscles and work out our kinks and knots from the past week and get it ready to stretch. We’ll end the class with some active flexibility or end-range work followed by gentle passive stretching to relax our muscles. Expect to feel rejuvenated after this class and ready for the week! For all fitness levels. Bring lots of water, a foam roller, balls, and a yoga mat.

Restore & Recover

Join us to refresh your body and mind with this essential recovery and mindfulness practice. This class will focus on foam rolling, restorative stretching and mobility work, breathing and mindfulness exercises, and meditation. If your body needs some TLC and your mind needs a safe place to rest, this class is for you.


In this mixed-level handstand class, we work on building the strength and comfort to get upside down safely by focusing on skills and body awareness necessary for practicing handstands and handstand drills using a wall for assistance or unassisted. Skills covered in this class may include cartwheel drills, cartwheels, planks, headstands, press headstands, handstand drills, spot- and wall-assisted handstands, kick to handstands, press handstands, cartwheel handstands, handstand balancing with wall or spot assistance, and handstand-roll-downs. No prior experience is required.


Floor Play

Learn floor-based choreography to help you with your off-the-pole tricks and movement. Every two weeks we'll learn a new routine to help you work on how to travel, roll, glide, and dance across the floor. All levels are welcome. Kneepads and socks/leg warmers are necessary. Layers recommended. Heels optional. Note: This class does not involve any work with the pole.

Heels Choreography

Dress up and grab your heels! Time to feel sexy, confident and have fun. We recommend wearing high heels that are designed for dancing. However, heels are optional. All levels of dance are welcome. Note: This class does not involve any work with the pole.

Hip Hop Dance

Join us for a fun and vibrant class where we explore basic movements and grooves!!! All levels of dance are welcome.

Hula Hoop Dance

Expect a fun and energetic class where you will learn to dance with your hoops as you explore many aspects of hula hooping including on-body and waist hooping, off-body skills, twin hooping, floorwork, isolations, and tricks. This is a time to expand on your talent, build arm and leg strength, and improve coordination! No experience needed, and hoops are provided!

Twerk Fit

Shake, wiggle, pop, and bounce your booty in this high-energy class that will have your hips, buns, thighs, calves, and core on fire! Learn to isolate, roll, and make your cheeks clap and twerk on the floor, on the wall, and all over in this class! It doesn’t matter if you’re new to twerking or an advanced booty shaker, just come and twerk it out!