Group Classes

Group Classes are virtual or drop in classes offered Mondays - Thursdays during evening hours, Saturday mornings, and Sunday afternoons. All classes are 1 hour long. See our schedule on MindBody or the Brass Ovaries App for exact times and descriptions.

Level Program

Our Level Program includes a standard curriculum of moves showcased within 6 "colored" routines that change every 2 weeks to help our students practice and progress safely.

We encourage students to move through the class levels at their own pace. All students can move to the next level by requesting a Level Assessment with an instructor. It is not a requirement to have attended all "colored" routines before requesting a Level Assessment. A list of required moves to pass each level can be provided prior to the Level Assessment, and the student must be able to perform these moves comfortably and confidently in order to pass. After moving up a level, students are still welcome to review lower levels.

If you already have prior experience, please contact us at 512-477-7653 so we can determine the best level for you.


To sign up for Group Classes, you'll need to purchase a class pass or membership! Please refer to our Online Store on MindBody for rates on our Group Classes under our Services tab and Memberships under our Contracts tab. You may also purchase class passes on our Brass Ovaries App.

Memberships provide cost savings and are beneficial for those who would like to attend more than 10 group classes per month. Call 512-477-7653 for start your membership or sign up online on MindBody!