Group Classes

Group Classes are drop-in classes offered throughout the week. See our schedule on MindBody or the Brass Ovaries App for exact times and descriptions.

Pole Dance

About our Pole Level Program

Our Level Program includes a curriculum of moves within 6 "color" routines that changes every 2 weeks to help our students practice and progress safely. We encourage students to move through the class levels at their own pace.

All students can move to the next level by requesting a Level Assessment with an instructor, and a list of required moves to pass the level can be provided before the Level Assessment. While it is not a requirement to have attended all "color" routines, the student must be able to perform these moves comfortably and confidently in order to pass. After moving up a level, students are still welcome to review lower levels.

If you already have prior experience, please contact us at 512-477-7653 so we can determine the best level for you.

Pole 1

This is for students that are new to pole. Learn basic pole fundamentals including proper grip, balance, and control, all while building strength! We’ll focus on walking around the pole, basic spins, and floor work. Make sure to wear shorts because we’ll be covering sitting and climbing on the pole too! No prior experience is required.

Pole 2

Now that climbing and sitting are familiar, let’s learn some new spins and climbs! We'll start moving up, down, and all around the pole with new moves and transitions. We will also start building strength and prepare you for your first inversion!

Pole 3

You are now ready to turn everything upside-down! We will improve inversions, learn leg hangs and one-handed spins, and learn more about spinning poles. Be ready to put your newfound tricks and transitions into beautiful combos.

Pole 4

Now that you've been hanging upside down for awhile, let's get ready for some new challenges! We'll be working on more complex pole combinations and static rotations, drops, tumbles, and introductions to handsprings.

Pole 5

Having built a solid foundation of pole work, this is now the opportunity to learn moves found on Pole Sport & Arts World Federation Code of Points, experiment with new pole transitions, and try to recreate those inventive and crazy tricks we see polebrities post on social media. Entering this level is by lead instructor invite only.

Pole Wish List

Do you want to practice with a certified "butt holder"? Need help with a nemesis move? Or did you see this new Instagram move but don't know where to start? This is the class for you! This "choose your own adventure" class is where you can work on your particular pole desires. Expect a technical breakdown that will help you understand the movement’s theory, the technique needed, and how to execute it to feel comfortable in the move. Heelwork can also be on your wish list! Bring them or don't bring them. It is entirely up to you!

Beginner Spin Pole

In this class, we’ll work on a spin pole combo, focusing on smooth transitions between shapes. Each session will include targeted conditioning while building a strong foundation of spin pole techniques. Possible side effects include: improved grip strength, smoother spins, and an addiction to floating. To enroll, students must pass a Pole 1 Level Assessment.

Form and Function

Strengthen your body for the pole on the pole. A certified fitness professional will lead you through a workout designed to work on grip strength, core strength, push mechanics, pull mechanics, posterior chain activation, and leg extensions. This is an all-levels class.

Pole Essentials for Pole 1 and 2

Do you want to solidify your pole basics/work on foundational moves? Coming back to pole after some time away, but not wanting to start over or scared of jumping straight back into a pole class? Wanna just work for an hour on inverts? Pole Essentials is for you!! This class gives beginners a chance to deep dive on foundational moves and gives those who have stepped away from our classes a chance to re-acquaint their bodies with beginner-level spins, basic climbs, and basic inverts. This is an all-levels, accelerated class.

Powerhouse Pole

Start seeing faster pole gains by coming to this class! We'll focus on technique and optimal body/hand alignment on the pole, as well as strength training, to help you move cleaner and more efficiently. This will be a hard yet rewarding class that will take you to the next level through repetition, strength training, and conditioning. Let us help you become the powerhouse poler you were born to be.

Pole + Dance

Discover your personal vibe! We’ll learn a framework of choreography that leaves enough room for you to add your own improvisations and flavor and become comfortable incorporating that into your dance flow. Knee pads are highly recommended. This class is all levels and heels-friendly.

Pole Flow Basics

Do you draw a blank when your instructor puts on the sexy lights and it's time to dance? Have you mastered all the moves, but struggled to put them together? This is the class for you! In this class, we will work on the basics of creating beautiful pole flow: transitions, extension, basic dance moves on and off the pole, and what to do with your hands, feet, and head! Each week we'll drill down on 2 or 3 specific skills that will help you improve your flow. Everything will be dancey, from the warm-up to the drilling to the cool down, you'll be working on finding your own unique expression in your movement! Come tap into that magnificent dancing goddess/god/enby deity inside you that we all know is dying to break out!! Knee pads and leg warmers are necessary. Layers and socks are recommended. Heels are optional. This is an all-levels class.

Pole is Punk

In this class, we’ll hone our stage presence around the pole, command attention, and embody confident movement. A short combo or simple choreo will be introduced, and we will spend the rest of the class connecting assertive movement to music. Tap into your authenticity and get comfortable with the way your body channels a range of music. If the essence of punk performance is true-to-self energy, community, and artist-audience connection, then pole is punk as hell. Song requests are welcomed and encouraged! Heels are also welcome but not required.

What's Trending

Wanna share your passion with your followers but need a starting point? This class incorporates beginner-level pole moves with current social media trends so you can get more comfortable showing off your skills and hopefully get some likes, too. This is an all-levels class.

Sexy Flow

This class teaches seductive choreography with sexy floor work and flowing dance moves on and around the pole. Express your feminine side and build your confidence moving around in your baddest stripper pumps! This is an all-level class.

Open Pole Practice

Open pole practice is for students who have taken at least one pole class with Brass Ovaries. There is no formal instruction during this time; instead, this is a time for students to practice what they’ve learned in a safe environment. There will be an instructor there at all times to spot you or answer any questions you may have.

Flexibility & Conditioning

Beginner Flexibility

New to splits and backbends or do you want some additional conditioning? This is the class for you.We'll activate and strengthen the muscles you need to build beautiful bridges and strong, stable splits.

Bands to Make You Dance

Prepare to dance and sweat with this ultimate lower-body cardio workout. In this high-energy class, you'll utilize looped bands to work your glutes, inner and outer thighs, and abs while moving to the beat of the music. Feel the burn and the beat while unleashing your inner dancer with this class!

Pilates Fusion

Pilates Fusion combines yoga, Pilates, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), and dance flow to create the ultimate full-body workout, challenging your strength, flexibility, endurance, and coordination while keeping you motivated from start to finish. Center your breath and find your inner zen with yoga's mindful movements. Engage your core and strengthen your muscles with the precise, controlled movements of Pilates, sculpting long, lean lines. Increase your endurance with heart-pumping HIIT intervals that will test your limitations. And let loose with a rewarding dance flow that will have you grooving to the beat.


In this mixed-level handstand class, we work on building the strength and comfort to get upside down safely by focusing on skills and body awareness necessary for practicing handstands and handstand drills using a wall for assistance or unassisted. Skills covered in this class may include cartwheel drills, cartwheels, planks, headstands, press headstands, handstand drills, spot- and wall-assisted handstands, kick to handstands, press handstands, cartwheel handstands, handstand balancing with wall or spot assistance, and handstand-roll-downs. No prior experience is required.

Open Handstands

An instructor will lead the class through a guided warm-up after which students will be free to work on the handstanding skills of their choice. The instructor will be available for light spotting and coaching. Students of all levels can take this class.


Bootylesque: Booty Basics

Welcome to the temple of ASS! This high-energy class is about mastering your booty moves and embracing the power of the jiggle. We'll start with some Jane Fonda-style toning to target the muscles you need to pop, wiggle, and shake that derrière. We'll move on to Bounce-style twerk moves and Bump-n-Grind butt stuff. Whether you're a master of your posterior or are still wondering what all the rump fuss is about, you'll come away with a new respect for the power of your booty!


Bounce and wiggle, shake and pop, jiggle and drop... It's TWERK TIME! In this all-levels dance class, you will learn and practice a selection of moves and "ass"-olations, and then some booty-shaking choreo to bounce it all out. Please bring knee pads and a water bottle, as well as sneakers and non-constricting booty shorts.

Twerk Fit

Shake, wiggle, pop, and bounce your booty in this high-energy class that will have your hips, buns, thighs, calves, and core on fire! Learn to isolate, roll, and make your cheeks clap and twerk on the floor, on the wall, and all over in this class! It doesn’t matter if you’re new to twerking or an advanced booty shaker, just come and twerk it out!


This fun class will teach you how to utilize your natural skills to create sexy, provocative, and character-driven routines. Zaftigg will teach you to shimmy, shake, and slink through sassy burlesque techniques. The routines rotate each month (we go over the routine at the beginning of each class, so no fret if you're joining us at the end of the month). Towards the end of class, we'll divide the class and take turns performing for each other.

Chair Tease

Focus on shape and silhouette through isolation and movement; a generous portion of teasing and grinding; rounding this delicious dish off with some zesty acro chair. For this class, you'll need a chair. Bring a sturdy metal folding chair as that is most ideal (especially for balancing moves), but we have a few armless chairs on hand if you forget. Leggings or legwarmers are recommended. It never hurts to have knee pads on hand as well.

Floor F*ckery

Come get filthy on the floor in this choreo and skills-based class! Each week, we'll focus on the technique of a couple of raunchy floor moves, breaking them down so you can make them look optimally slutty. Then we'll put them into practice in a deliciously lascivious floor routine that'll have you leaving sweaty!! All levels, no pole. Knee pads and socks/leg warmers are a must. Heels optional. Your most sexually empowering outfit is highly encouraged!

Heels Choreography

Dress up and grab your heels! Time to feel sexy, confident and have fun. We recommend wearing high heels that are designed for dancing. However, heels are optional. All levels of dance are welcome. Note: This class does not involve any work with the pole.

Hip Hop Dance

Join us for a fun and vibrant class where we explore basic movements and grooves!!! All levels of dance are welcome.

Hula Hoop Dance

Expect a fun and energetic class where you will learn to dance with your hoops as you explore many aspects of hula hooping including on-body and waist hooping, off-body skills, twin hooping, floorwork, isolations, and tricks. This is a time to expand on your talent, build arm and leg strength, and improve coordination! No experience needed, and hoops are provided!