Masterclass - Chair Dance with Gaby

Learn this fun and classic technique of chair dancing in this comprehensive foundation class. We start at the base by discovering the physicality, strength, and grace it takes to make this discipline look strong and flawless!

We cover safety, transition techniques, impactful poses, leg and arm work, and foundation inversions. We also cover the exercises that complement the moves for building the strength it takes to execute this style easily. This class also has the opportunity to explore act building with chair dancing where you will create musical assignments and receive feedback from Gaby.

What to bring / needs: Please wear crop or leggings instead of shorts as you may stick to the chair. Not recommended for students with severe back injuries. Knee pads or leg warmers are great for extra protection.

You can also bring heels!

$129 per person (Members save 10% off)

Pole 1 and 2 Intensives

This 4-class intensive is ideal for students who want to get a quick overview of the entire Pole 1 or Pole 2 curriculum or review what's important to know for the Pole 1 & 2 level assessments. Each class is 90 mins long. You will have your own pole and be with the same classmates for all 4 classes; maximizing your experience in class!

No prior experience is necessary, and students may choose to repeat this intensive.

This workshop is designed to be an intensive series and is not included in Group Class Passes or Memberships.

$249 per person (Members save 10% off)