Brass Ovaries Pole Dancing is a multifunctional aerial arts studio in Austin, that strives to expose our clients to the vertical world. We seek to maintain an attentive training facility so that our guests are free to explore and release their inner monkey. We are open to all women, men and trans-identified persons, no matter your age, shape, and size or fitness levels. We offer a wide range of services that includes a world class training facility and staff, party planning, dance instruction, educational center and a talented aerial performance group.

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Attention Students! Hate Late Cancel Fees??? Want a way to get out of paying $10 for missing class? If you answered yes to any of the above you will be interested in this deal. Amigo has gained too much weight since the vet put her on meds to control her #AddisonsDisease. Although super cute when she is a little fluffy it is not healthy for her. Since Natasha works 158 hours a week she does not always have time to take Amigo on super long walks. If you come by the studio and take her on a 10 minute walk around the neighborhood Amigo will grant you a $10 Late Cancel Credit to be used towards future fees. *Some Restrictions Apply Like you can't dog-nap Amigo. You have to have been a student for at least 6 months. You have to leave something important like car keys in order to check Amigo out for a walk. You have to pick up any 💩 Amigo produces (doggy bags will be provided). You can't let Amigo talk you into taking her to eat at @bbqrevolution and @bistrovonish when she is suppose to be exercising. **other rules could apply if anything interesting warrants it. #ServiceDog #ServiceAnimal #BrassOvariesBabes #brassovaries

p: 512-477-7653


Brass Ovaries - Main Studio
3111 Manor Road
Austin, TX 78723

Brass Ovaries @ Austin Rock Gym
8300 N Lamar Blvd #102B
Austin, TX 78758