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Bust out your art supplies! Repost from @drsketchyaustin using @RepostRegramApp - I think its time for you to get to know some of our models for the afternoon of April 2! Up first we have Stephanie Blackford, pole instructor at @brassovaries. Stephanie can be seen performing around Austin, and she is known for her sultry style and ability to pole dance blind folded. That's right - she is so good she can do this blind! You are going to love drawing this bombshell! Brass Ovaries is actually where I got my start as a pole and burlesque dancer. They will be one of our sponsors for the evening and have generously offered to donate a prize for one our contests! You won't want to miss this opportunity to sketch some high flying athletes. Join us at The Golden Goose Sunday April 2 from 4-7pm. @thegooseaustin #drsketchysaustin #drsketchyaustin #drsketchy #drinkanddraw #polefitness #poledancer #atx #art #lifedrawing #figuremodel

p: 512-477-7653

Brass Ovaries
3111 Manor Road
Austin, TX 78723