Pole Instructor

Odette’s pole dancing addiction started in 2010 with a haphazard spin on a pole during a bachelorette weekend. Odette immediately found and took her first class at Brass Ovaries and could not move the next day! Realizing this was the workout she had been looking for, she bought a pole and started training; continuing to feed her new found addiction and discovering it to be an exhilarating and freeing experience as well as providing both physical and mental therapy during tough times. She credits pole fitness for transforming her into the strong, confident woman she is today.

Odette attended her first competition as a finalist in the Fitness Category for Miss Texas Pole Star in 2012. Since then, along with her pole wife Mary, they together have won numerous awards: United Pole Artists Video Challenge 2014 Doubles Winners, 2014 Miss Texas Pole Star Doubles Winners, 2013 Miss Texas Pole Star Doubles 1st Runner Up, and 2013 Capital of Texas Pole Championship Partners Pole 1st Runner Up.

While she is now retired from competing, Odette finds herself happiest in helping others obtain their own pole goals. Odette started instructing in 2012, often trying to teach 'fun' physics, and has certifications in XPERT Pole Fitness, Spin City Anatomy & Physiology Foundations, Spin City Stretch & Flexibility, Spin City Pole Fabric, TriggerPoint Foam Rolling, and Kinesiological Stretching Technique.

Most recently, she was 'pole mom' to Anika Noni Rose; getting her ready to play a role as a pole dancer for The Quad. She was also a judge for the Amateur division at the 2017 USPDF Battle For Armageddon.

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