Pole Instructor

Matthew grew up learning at his grandparents' music and dance institute in Queens, NY as well as occasional visits to his Aunt's dance classes at the infamous La Guardia HS. Learning alongside New York’s next generation of upcoming artists, Matthew quickly realized that he would never fit the artist mold or meet his family’s expectations to become a professional musician, actor, or dancer. In Matthew's adult life, he studied dance throughout the state of Texas; working towards his Fine Arts Degree while simultaneously working at night experiencing the ‘dark dancing’ realm at clubs and bars. With his raw feminine energy and his sultry, sexy, unique ways, it is clear that Matthew has absorbed styles and shapes in the shadows of the dance floor by night as well as in the studios by day. In June 2018 while he was riding his bike, Matthew was struck and run over by an SUV. Since the accident, Matthew feels he has been pushed to re-emerge with intense focus and with a new sense of loss and growth.