How do I sign up?

Please create an account on MindBody or the Brass Ovaries App to begin scheduling your classes.

Groupon users

After you purchase your Groupon, give us a call at 512-477-7653. Please do not redeem your Groupon until after you have called us. Your Groupon is valid for 6 months; however once your Groupon is redeemed, you will only have 30 days to use your classes.

How much does it cost?

Please refer to our Online Store on MindBody for rates. Group Classes, Personal Training, Series Classes, and Workshops are under our Services tab and Memberships are under our Contracts tab. You may also purchase class passes on our Brass Ovaries App.

What classes can I take?

All new students start with a Level 1 class. You’ll be at this level until you take a Level Assessment and have instructor approval to move up to Level 2.

We also have dance, fitness, and stretching classes that do not have prerequisites. If you have any questions on how to get started, we can help you come up with your own schedule by calling 512-477-7653.

What is a Level Assessment?

All students can move to the next level by requesting a Level Assessment with an instructor. A list of required moves for the level can be provided prior to the Level Assessment, and the student must be able to perform these moves comfortably and confidently in order to pass.

Do I need to be a dancer or be athletic to take classes?

You do not need any dance or athletic experience to enjoy and benefit from pole and aerial fitness! Our level program is designed so that all new students start at Level 1 and progress at their desired pace. You will start by learning the foundations of pole and aerial movement and build strength over time safely. You do not need to be "in shape" to start; our classes will help you get in shape, lose weight, and gain strength!

Do I need to own a pole or aerial equipment to take a class?

No, but once you begin, you'll probably want to get a pole or aerial hammock / hoop / silk! There are a variety of pole brands that sell tension-mounted, temporary poles that can be easily installed with no drilling, screwing or damage to your ceiling. There are also ways to rig an aerial apparatus or by using an A frame. Call us at 512-477-7653, and we can help you buy what you need!

Do I need an appointment or can I walk in?

Registering on MindBody or the Brass Ovaries App is highly recommended as every Group Class has a maximum capacity and some of our more popular classes fill up quickly. We do allow walk-ins if there is open space in class.

Please call 512-477-7653 to schedule a Personal Training session or Private Party.

What do I wear for class?

Pole Classes

Always wear short, form-fitted shorts which expose the top insides of your thighs. You can wear layers on top. No hand or wrist jewelry. Please do not apply any lotions or cream on your legs, arms, or hands on the day of the class. Stilettos are not allowed in Level 1 classes but are encouraged in all other pole classes. Bare feet are always a good option and tennis shoes or ballet slippers are also allowed. Socked feet are usually too slippery for pole classes.

Dance, Fitness, and Stretching Classes

You may wear form-fitted shorts or leggings and layers on top for all dance, fitness, and stretching classes. Tennis shoes or bare feet are best, and knee pads are encouraged for Twerk and Burlesque classes. Dressing in layers to stay warm is highly recommended for stretching classes.

Where are you located?

We're at the southeast corner of N IH 35 and US 290 in the same shopping center as Thundercloud Subs and Habesha Ethiopian cuisine and right next to Kashmir Smoke Shop.

Can I arrive early for my scheduled class?

You are encouraged to arrive at least 10 minutes early to allow time to check in and address any concerns with reception.

What poles do you use in the studio?

We currently use 45mm chrome, brass, and stainless steel X-Poles in the studio. All poles allow for both static and spin mode.

How long will it take to master pole?

Like any other athletic discipline, mastering the art of pole requires dedication, patience, and lots of training. Most people practice for fun and fitness, but if you become interested in competitions or becoming a professional, we can develop a training and cross-conditioning regimen that will put you on the safe track to mastering those high-flying skills.

Where can I practice after I take a class?

Our studio is available for rent, so give us a call about rates and available times. We also sometimes offer Open Practice times on our schedule.

Is there an age limit?

Students under the age of 18 must have their parent sign a Parental Waiver. Other than unattended minors, all ages are welcome!

Do you sell Gift Cards?

Yes! Gift Cards are available online on MindBody and in our studio.