We are beyond excited to have you back to the studio for in person training! To keep everyone safe some of our policies have changed. Please look over the following information so that you are familiar with how your in person experience will be conducted.

  • Updated electronic waivers discussing COVID-19 risks will need to be signed before your arrival. This can be done by logging into MindBody via the web, the app, or our Brass Ovaries app.
  • Per city and our insurance, only students registered for classes are allowed at the studio.
  • Masks are required of everyone at all times (worn correctly with nose covered) If you forgot your mask we do have masks for purchase.
  • Social distancing is required both inside and outside the studio door. I know we all missed one another so practice safe "air high 5s" and "air hugs".
  • No congregating before or after class, it is important we use all our time between classes to effectively sanitize our space safely.
  • No physical contact whatsoever.
  • If you are sick. Stay home!
  • Please come dressed for working out. We took the changing rooms out so there will not be a place to change.
  • We don’t provide yoga mats, bring your own with you.
  • If possible, use the restroom before you come to the studio.
  • Limit the items you bring with you to class. We will no longer have storage cubbies but will have a small basket for your things within your training area.
  • We will be conducting temperature checks and a pre-questionnaire before you are allowed to enter the studio.
  • Allow individuals to clear away from the entrance door before approaching to exit or enter the studio.
  • Once inside you will remove your shoes and store them on our shoe rack. You will then sanitize your hands and the instructor will direct you to your training box. Your training box will give you 7 feet of training space. Your box will come equipped with your own sanitized pole, alcohol bottle, towel, storage basket, and crash mat if needed.
  • Keep your personal belongings in your baskets at all times and stay in your designated zones, maintain 6ft away from others.
  • When drinking make sure to face away from each other, pull up your mask but do not remove completely.
  • If you need to use the restroom, let the staff know. Sanitize your hands before you enter and after you leave the rest room.
  • After class is complete you will be asked to clean your pole top to bottom and then directed to leave the building. We will need 30 minutes time to sanitize the building to prep it for the next class.
  • After using a crash mat, leave your mat around the pole on the floor so we can sanitize it after class.

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

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