Pole and Twerk Instructor

Erin started dancing at age four and started teaching and choreographing in her young teens with ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop and gymnastics. She began her pole journey when Carmen Electra had a launch party at a high end gym where Erin was a manager. Carmen was launching her sexy strip tease exercise video and brought in poles with Gogo dancers. Erin took her first spin and was instantly hooked! After a bad breakup in 2009 she started taking classes and got a huge burst of inspiration that got her excited about dance and gymnastics again.

Erin has a fifteen year career in personal training, managing personal trainers and nutrition coaching. She is a Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, CPT through NESTA, TRX Certified, Holistic Nutrition Certified and Access Consciousness Certified. She also runs her own Empowerment Coaching and Energy Healing business called Source Energy Wellness and loves to play guitar and sing in her spare time. Erin brings a variety of dance styles to Brass Ovaries. She just moved to Austin in early 2017 and is very excited and grateful to be here!

p: 512-477-7653


Brass Ovaries
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