Review from 2011 2nd Place Winner in the USPDF Amateur Nationals

Amy Guion - 10/22/2013

Brass Ovaries was a fun and welcoming community of women who all embraced me with open arms when I came to visit as a touring instructor. All of the students had wonderful "we'll try anything!" attitudes and were encouraging and helpful to one another during classes. All of the interactions that I've had with Natasha, Sophie, and Luki inside and outside of the studio have also been incredibly supportive--they've attended other studios' pole dancing events, shared ideas with me for performance venues, and helped me to promote my shows. If you're in Austin, head over to dance, play and fall in love with the Ovaries family!

Review from 2012 Miss Pole Dance Australia

Cleo the Hurricane - 10/14/2013

I have been to Brass Ovaries a few times in the last couple of years and every time I feel so at home there. The staff are welcoming and the vibe is so friendly with a bit of a rock n' roll edge which I absolutely LOVE! The instructors are passionate about what they do and I just love their style, each with their own individual personalities making their studio so colorful and AWESOME!

Review from USPDF Amateur Champion and Pole Instructor

Mina Mortezaie - 10/3/2013

Brass Ovaries is at the forefront of the pole dancing movement. They have super talented teachers and students that are constantly innovating in pole and aerial. I got the pleasure to teach here a couple times and was so delighted by the welcoming staff. I love all the shows this studio puts on - spreading aerial and pole joy all over the city of Austin. I highly recommend this studio for pole dancers of all levels - they are one of the best in the biz!

5 Star Review from Yelp

Brittany S. - 9/19/2013

All of the instructors are extremely welcoming and make what could easily be an awkward experience extremely fun and a great workout! I love it here and couldn't recommend it enough! Try it out because the Ovaries are the best!

5 Star Review from Yelp

Tiffany W. - 7/15/2013

These guys have the best customer service and best customer follow-up program I've ever seen. After only one class, they called asking for my feedback and offered additional class packages so that I could "cross train" during my series class. Yes, please. Thank you. Done. The attention to excellent customer service is duly noted.

Review from U.S. Pole Dance Champion 2011

Natasha Wang - 6/11/2013

I first visited Brass Ovaries and took a class with Miss Natasha back in 2009, before I had ever considered competing or performing professionally. Natasha taught me a move that became one of my signatures (the teddy underarm hold). I immediately felt at home with Natasha and the studio’s laid back, super cool and supportive vibe.

Back then the studio’s walls were lined with black and white art prints of men’s penises, which gives you an indication of Brass Ovaries’ refreshing and tongue-in-cheek approach to pole fitness. Now I return to Brass Ovaries to train and teach whenever I’m back home visiting family, and I’ve seen the studio expand and churn out Texas pole champions who have gone on to compete in national competitions. I credit Brass Ovaries for basically starting pole fitness in my hometown of Austin, and for being a major player in pushing pole fitness in the great state of Texas!

5 Star Review from Yelp

Lynn R. - 1/10/2013

I’ve traveled to Austin purposely to dance and train here due to the quality instruction and variety of apparatus. Owner, Natasha, has given me conditioning exercises that helped me overcome movement barriers. She also provided restorative training after I had been inactive for some time. She was very empowering and reassuring and helped me change my unhelpful distorted thoughts that were working against me getting back into shape.

Hoops – I have taken beginning lyra (hoop) in L.A. and NYC. I recently took Hoop 101 and Sarah was best instructor that I have encountered thus far. She had class well organized, she spotted, gave variations for various skill levels, had positive attitude, and offered movements incorporating the hoop that ramped students up to fully getting onto the hoop. This was by far the best curriculum for a beginner hoop student. Sarah makes the hoop a friendly experience (non-intimidating) that you leave feeling empowered that you can advance!

5 Star Review from Yelp

Walker F. - 8/13/2012

What a classy affair! If you want to learn how to smack your ass, cruise down Congress to Expose. If you want to learn grace and athleticism, come to Brass Ovaries. If you are at all hesitant, don't be, this class is fit for everyone. If you wanted it to be a bit more sassy (like for a bachelorette party), I'm sure you could, otherwise it was just like learning new dance choreography, or learning how to use a new tool. I guess what I'm saying is that it's very comfortable, not at all sexual.

5 Star Review from Yelp

Marisa P. - 1/3/2012

With so much to choose from, you can find me in the studio several days a week, often for two hours or more at a time. If you’re looking for a workout that is fun, challenging and offers opportunity for beautiful, sexy self-expression, this is the place.

Client Review

Anonymous Groupon Client - 10/12/2011

Brass Ovaries Pole Dancing Studio has changed the way I work out, and most importantly, has changed my overall attitude in life. I’ve found that the studio is a fun, safe, nonjudgmental place to come workout in a creative way. It never gets dull or boring. There’s never a time where I go to class and DON’T get an awesome workout. All the teachers are awesome – they’re patient, fabulous with instruction, and provide alternative methods to meet skill levels of all students. The studio is very special to me and has become a really important thing in my life. It’s boosted my self-confidence and self-esteem. I’d recommend it to all women AND men :)

5 Star Review from Yelp

Caroline B. - 4/12/2011

I had the best time – I’ve never felt so strong and graceful in my whole life! It does take a lot of strength but I was able to do everything [Sophie] showed me. I’m saving up to get my own hoop! It was awesome!

Review from International Pole Dance Performer and Instructor

Pantera Blacksmith

As a fitness and pole professional it is my job to know who is good and who is not. I visit studios worldwide and Brass Ovaries is an awesome facility with awesome instructors. They are super fun, knowledgeable and safe. I would feel comfortable sending anyone into their capable hands.

5 Star Review from Google Maps

J. - 11/01/2011

Being unable to keep rhythm on a dance floor, much less work a pole, I was terrified when I got offered a stripping gig in Dallas! 1st thing I did was contact the only place around that taught co-ed pole dancing classes. The girls here were about as patient as they come. Their talent is phenomenal. Could not have done what I am doing without the help of Natasha, Brynn, Lindsey, And all the fun people also taking classes. Much love for these peeps <3

Client Review

Derrick D. – 8/03/2010. 4/12/2011

I grew up playing sports, lifting weights, etc. This was one of the most challenging and intense things [I have done], I loved it!

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