What should I wear to each type of class?


Always wear short, form-fitted shorts which expose the top, insides of your thighs. You can wear layers on top. Stilettos are not allowed in Pole Level 1 classes, but are encouraged in all other pole classes. Bare feet are always a good option, and tennis shoes or ballet slippers are also allowed. Socked feet are usually too slippery for Pole Level classes.


Always wear form-fitted leggings when attending aerial classes, in order to protect the skin on the backs of your legs and thighs. You can wear layers on top. Barefoot is best for all aerial classes.


You may wear form-fitted shorts or leggings and layers on top for all fitness classes. Baggy clothing is discouraged and often exposes too much. Tennis shoes or bare feet are best, and knee pads are encouraged for Twerk Fit and Burlesque classes. Covering the legs/knees/thighs is best for Burlesque class as well, and Burlesque class is always stiletto optional. You may wear ballet slippers, socks, foot undies or go barefoot in Ballet Tone class.

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